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YouTube revenue is declining, which I predicted would happen to Medium.

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Cardi B recently wrote on her Twitter handle, “When y’all think they are going to announce we are going into a recession?” Strip clubs have announced that a recession is guaranteed because the strip clubs are empty. Recession is already on YouTube, which we thought could never be in a slump. If I talk about my own YouTube earnings, you might think it’s nothing since I’m a small YouTuber. Instead, I chose to analyze Graham Stephan earnings, a YouTuber who revealed how much his earnings have declined this year on YouTube.

Graham’s YouTube Earnings Analysis

In 2017, he made a total of $26,966.69, making over $100 per day with a CPM of $11.77. In 2018, the earnings spice up and move up to $170,945.60 with an average CPM of $20.18. According to Graham, 2019 was a huge success after most of his videos went viral. He made a total ad revenue of $1,141,231.43 with a CPM of $26.70. In 2020, it was another game changer. He made $2,082,858.68 in ad revenue with a CPM of $28.11 at the end of the year. In 2021, the total annual earnings were similar to those in 2020. He made $2,021,134.54 with a CPM of $33.77.
In 2021, it’s now a different story. However, big YouTubers aren’t complaining about their ad revenue since they still make a huge profit at the end of the month. The only problem is that they never expected a severe decline in their earnings. According to Graham, this year’s monthly earnings decreased from a peak of $227,496.80 to $129,122.99. Although this is still a lot of money in terms of earnings online, we are currently facing a serious decline in terms of internet revenue.
A lot of crypto coins are down, most forex traders aren’t satisfied with the market, and company stocks are also down.
To my amazement, I knew the same thing would happen on I’m writing this article because I need to know whether I’m right or just making random assumptions. From my end, my Medium earnings and views are deeply down compared to how much I made earlier this year and when I started last year.

If you think the recession is here all over the internet or if it is just a normal fluctuating situation, let us know your view in the comments below.

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